WHAT’S THE MANNA? “Marvelous or Marveless”

You only have to change a few letters to go from hero to zero! The difference in what we can accomplish is a matter of perspective!

The difference is that Faith is active or dormant! Let me explain.

As Jesus beheld people He always looked for the Faith Factor. Notice Luke 7:9 as Jesus “marvels” at the level of faith in the centurion. A man outside of the Jewish nation exercised faith for the healing of his servant. He said, “just say the word and my servant will be healed.” The servant was healed that very hour. Jesus said that’s “great Faith.” It’s Faith whether it’s a woman reaching for the hem of His garment or a blind man on the side of the road, Faith makes contact with the living Source! This causes Jesus to “Marvel.”

On the other hand looking at Mark 6:5-6 we see the stark difference in faith or no faith.

Jesus the miracle worker “could do no mighty works because of their unbelief.”

Here were the people who had the law and the prophets and were from his neighborhood. No Faith!

Simply saying we believe the Bible is not sufficient to amaze our Lord. Acting on the Word opens doors or rivers. Take heart and let’s make the testimony of our lives be this, “Jesus marveled at our GREAT FAITH!”