What’s the Manna? RECONNECTING

Where does the time go?  I returned back to look at my website and saw that truly I have been delinquent.  It has been months since I updated the site.  The vision and calling to touch the world has not abated.  In April 2014, I felt the Holy Spirit indicate to put my book, Free by Divine Decree, into Arabic.  When I looked into this matter, Arabic Christians told me no other book would be more important because Free by Divine Decree truly opens the door to freedom.

On March the 13th, I will fly to Egypt for a week at a Christian Leader’s Conference (in Egypt anyone who is not Islam is Christian) so the Conference includes Catholics, Coptics, and Protestants.  This is an exciting opportunity to give this new Arabic edition to these leader’s freely.  We have printed 10,000 and many will be sold and the money from the sale will print others.

The trip to China will be from March 29 – April 10.  This will be my 5th trip to China.  We rejoice in the opportunity to fellowship with these leaders.

Another victory has come about by the kindness of Mas Vida, the Church pastored by Andreas Spyker in Mexico, is now available in Spanish and we are getting more copies.  They are distributing it in Latin America but Elliott Tepper is printing it in Spain for distribution there.

Although we have not been in contact, we haven’t been sitting still but rejoicing that the “Word has free course…”  Keep me in your prayers.