Yesterday’s failure is the pathway for today’s Success.

Great victories can be the high before the low or the positive before the negative. When our goal is reached, what’s next?

In the euphoria of the moment when we are intoxicated with sweet victory our defenses are down. This was the case with the Israelites after the battle of Jericho.

The small town of Ai was the next challenge facing them. Without seeking to know God’s fresh strategy and basking in the recent success they went straight ahead. The account in Joshua 7 tells the sad story. The battle with this “little” city was disastrous. Thirty-six men were killed. The “little” city came against them fighting for their lives. Joshua’s men “fled” in retreat fearing for their lives!

The real problem was the sin in the camp had marred their divine connection. When that was repented Joshua’s army began to seek God for His strategy.

This would not be the same as used for Jericho. The new plan involved hiding behind city while coming against it in the front. When the city came out to fight against them, Joshua instructed his army to “flee” before them! While those hiding behind would enter into the city and take it.

NOTICE THIS: The first time they “fled,” they fled in FEAR. Now they are commanded to Flee by the same route, BUT do it in FAITH! The past disobedience repented became practice for today’s obedience! They fled in victory.

To maintain the victory won in Calvary we are commanded to FLEE in two main areas.

First. FLEE LUSTS. 2 Tim. 2:22. Cor. 6:18

Second. FLEE IDOLATRY. 1 Cor. 10:14

I leave the implication of this truth up to the Holy Spirit to make relevant to you personally.

Be encouraged God has provided a “City of Refuge” and invites us all to “FLEE” to Him in our hour of failure! See Joshua 20:4

FLEE in FAITH and we can meet at the Gate. Pauljo