It was Jeremiah that made it very clear that “the summer is past and the harvest is ended and we are not saved.”  As the summer of 2013 begins to move into the fall and we soon anticipate leaves falling, we take inventory of our summer.  In Jeremiah’s words he included himself with the people.  He spoke subjectively not objectively.  He put himself on a level playing field.

In watching the events of the last few months, it might be easy for some to throw up their hands.  We can be critical and find ourselves living depressed without a future.  God has not called us to put our heads in the sand, but to put our eyes on the Lord.  America is in a major transition.  We were promised “change” and that promise is being realized in ways that will affect all of us.

We have a personal choice to make, become judgmental and separate ourselves from our countrymen or with Jeremiah acknowledge “the summer is past” and “WE ARE NOT SAVED.”  More than ever we need personal and national awakening.  Until we admit our bankruptcy, both Spiritual and moral, we will not be able to open up to the rain that “waters the just and the unjust.”  He is still King!