Life here on earth can get a little complicated and even confusing! The reason for the confusion is because we who are believers belong to TWO FAMILY TREES!

The two families are:

One is natural the other spiritual. One is temporary the other eternal! All of us continue to try to find a balance between the two.

Jesus introduced the subject when He addressed the issue early in His ministry. While teaching in the temple he was told that his mother and brothers were waiting for him outside.

In Mark 3:32-35 Jesus answers the crowd by asking a question. “Who is my mother and brothers?” Truly this seem like a strange question to the multitude who are, as usual, thinking only in one dimension-the natural.

Jesus was seeing and talking both naturally and spiritually. This “new born again” family could only be seen with eyes of faith at that pre-resurrection and Holy Spirit dimension time.

This new family with new “mothers and brothers” is eternal and will far outlast the natural. We shall live forever, bought by God, adopted by God and married to His Son forever!

The question to each believer is this, do we give sufficient time to both families? Because the natural is demandingly visible and responsibility driven it tends to occupy 90% of our time with little left for the His blood bought family.

We MUST care for our loved ones, parents, children and extended natural families. May we be able to see that for the most part our natural family is also grafted into the “trunk” of the tree of life.

May we see the two dimensions of family responsibility and rise to it.

While Cain asked “who is my brother?” Jesus said, “Whoever does the will of God is…!”