What’s the Manna? ON THE ROAD AGAIN

Each year during the next two weeks, we spend it traveling from our home in Virginia to New Jersey to Elim, then to Blue Mountain and then home.

We have the privilege of putting another DVD video series together.  It is based on the course that I taught at Elim on Christian Ethics.  This course will be entitled “Biblical Ethics” – Godly principles for successful living.  It is clear that the Church has been allowing compromise and so doing in some places, has drifted away from the Word.

This Course will be done by Nation to Nation and translated into other languages.  There will be 10 – 35 minute video sessions with a guide and cd.  It is not out yet but will be by the end of the year.  (We are still waiting for the production of the Book of Hebrews – A passport into His presence.)

We will be able to give prices and where to obtain copies in the next blogs.

Our present journey takes us to speak at the Elim Fellowship Annual Conference and from there we will go to Blue Mountain Christian Retreat where I will be sharing six aspects of a true “City of Refuge.”